• Total Returns offers the most competent and complete pharmaceutical services in the industry. We are family-owned and operated and have been servicing pharmacies since 1995.

• Our costs are the lowest in the industry, even though our service fee doesn’t appear to be.  See how we are truly the most cost efficient return service provider by watching the Picking Your Pocket Video on this page.

• Each return service includes inventory inspection, proper handling and documentation of controlled drugs, shipping, and even destruction of non-creditable merchandise. Your return is 100% guaranteed and your fee is based on actual return dollars.

• Our return specialists are knowledgeable of the policies and procedures of more than 1000 different manufacturers. They use this knowledge — along with our updated return database — to make sure your returns are credited based on the latest information from the manufacturer. This means more credit dollars for your pharmacy!

• We are registered with the Drug Enforcement Agency to process and destroy controlled substances.  We write 222 forms at the pharmacy on the day of service for in-store returns and we write 222 forms for our mail-in customers in order for them to mail product.

• Don’t be fooled by other return services who claim faster ways for you to receive your money. The “faster ways” and “lump sum payments” require the use of a middle man who takes an additional fee directly from your return dollars.

• Individualized service — when you contact us you will be assigned a territory account manager and your service will be handled by a knowledgeable and professional team that works in your area.

Contact us or call 888-541-5252 to schedule your service today.