Total Returns In-Store Service

A Total Returns representative who has a specially designed software program and knowledge of more than 1,000 manufacturers will come to your facility to process your expired products. The representative will inspect your shelves for expired merchandise, inventory all items being returned, and ship all creditable merchandise. Unlike our competitors, Total Returns will also remove non-creditable merchandise free of charge.

Our merchandise database is monitored daily and we have staff dedicated to updating our system each week. This means your returns are credited based on the latest information from the manufacturer.

The Total Returns technician will leave you with a record of all controlled substances being removed from your pharmacy and all products being returned for credit. We calculate your fee based on actual return dollars, and your return is always 100% guaranteed. We do not artificially return products that are non-returnable to inflate your return and thus your fee. All boxes and return merchandise are removed from your store the day of the return.

Contact us or call 888-541-5252 to set up an appointment.

If your area is not covered by our on-site representatives, use our mail-in service.