Total Returns Mail-In Info Packet

Our Mail-In program is simple — just pack all schedule III-V and non-controlled products into a box and ship them to our facility along with a copy of your DEA certificate and a completed customer information sheet.  There is no need to sort your items and we do not require a list of returned products to accompany the return.

If you are returning schedule II product please fax a copy of your DEA certificate, Customer Information sheet, and CII Inventory sheet FIRST to (580) 276-5749.  We will issue a 222 form for you to send with the product.

Once we have received your return and entered the products into our computer system, we will send you a detailed report with information for all creditable product and all controlled substances returned. This includes product name, quantity, size, class, NDC #, expiration date, and approximate value. Once the return paperwork has been completed and processed, we ship the products to the manufacturers and/or processing facilites. Some shipping fees may apply in order to get creditable product from our facility to the manufacturer. Most pharmacies receive their credits within 90 days.

Our merchandise database is monitored daily and we have staff dedicated to updating our system each week. This means your returns are credited based on the latest information from the manufacturer.

We calculate your fee based on actual return dollars, and your return is 100% guaranteed. We do not artificially return products that are non-returnable to inflate your return and thus your fee.