Total Destruction — a subsidiary of Total Returns — is fully equipped to destroy expired and unwanted controlled drugs from anywhere in the United States.  Total Destruction uses an environmentally friendly method for destroying controlled substances.  We take pride in the fact that our destruction process is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.  An itemized report is kept on file for all controlled substances that are destroyed in our facility.

Total Returns can also dispose of unwanted non-controlled drugs. However, an itemized report is not included in the fee.

Please select the appropriate form below to start the disposal process:

Non-control disposal form

Controlled III, IV, V destruction form

Controlled II destruction form

What counts as an item:
Patches: 5 patches = 1 item
Vile/tube: 1 vile/tube = 1 item
Suppository: 5 supp = 1 item
Bottle: 1 bottle = 1 item
Blisterpak: 1 sheet = 1 item

For personal assistance Contact us at 888-541-5252.