Is Total Returns licensed by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)?
Yes. We are licensed by the DEA to handle scheduled II-V products. A copy of our DEA license is available upon request. We are also ARCOS compliant. ARCOS is an automated, comprehensive drug reporting system which monitors the flow of DEA controlled substances.

Can you provide references from pharmacies in my area?
Yes. Chances are good that Total Returns has serviced a pharmacy in your area. References are available at your request.

How often should I have my returns processed?
You can decide how often you want a service done, but Total Returns will also make a recommendation by using our proven formula that determines the frequency of service based on the size of your return.

How are your fees calculated?
Unlike many of our competitors, Total Returns never uses WAP to calculate our fees. We use a factor based on each pharmacy’s cost of the product. This ensures the most accurate return in the industry today.

When do I pay for the service?
Our simple flat rate fee is due when the service is complete. Beware of companies that say “you pay nothing.” They take more of your return dollars, actually making their fee higher, but hiding it in the paperwork. We cut out the middleman and maximize your return dollars. Check out our “Picking your Pocket” video for more information on this.

How does your 100% money-back guarantee work?
Should you fail to receive at least the total amount that we guarantee for a particular return, we will reimburse your fee on the overcharged amount. This ensures you only pay on the actual credits received.

If I choose in-store return service do I have to ship my own boxes?
Unlike our competitors who leave behind boxes for you to deal with, our return specialists process and ship everything for you. We remove all of your products the day of the service, including CII-IV’s. Shipping is included for our on-site service.

Do you process controlled drugs?
Yes. We process CII and CIII, IV, and V drugs.

Can I return partial products?

How far out of date can merchandise be to be eligible for credit?
Most manufactures allow return of expired pharmaceuticals up to one year, but a few go back indefinitely. To maximize your credit we suggest that you set aside any products that are expired so that our trained personnel can verify potential credit.

How far in-date can merchandise be to be eligible for credit?
Manufacturers’ in-date policies vary considerably. To maximize your return dollars, we suggest you wait for your products to expire before considering returning them for credit.

Why do some manufacturers accept returns and some do not?
Giving credit on current expired products ensures a higher probability of sales for future products. Some manufacturers do not believe it is in their best interest to offer a return policy that provides the purchaser with credit.

How do I receive credit?
After your return is processed, the manufacturer issues credit either by sending a check to the pharmacy or by creating a credit that is sent through the pharmacy’s wholesaler.

Will Total Returns help me find any credits that I am unable to locate?
Yes. If you have any questions concerning your credits contact our credit tracking department. Unlike our competition, we do not charge for this, it’s always included in our in-store service fee.

Can Total Returns provide me with a check from my credits on the day of service?
No. Total Returns does not offer a program of this type because the cost incurred by the pharmacy is too high. We are interested in providing maximum value with minimal cost to our customers. Adding a third party, that requires compensation, increases your cost and decreases your return value.

When will I start receiving credit for a processed return?
After your return is processed, the manufacturer issues credit either by check or by credit through your wholesaler. The manufacturer sets the timetable. (Generally between 2 and 12 weeks.) Dealing directly with manufacturers ensures maximum credit for the pharmacy.

How do I track my credits?
Tracking credits is easy, just be diligent and open your mail and deposit your checks. Your wholesaler credits show up on a miscellaneous credit report usually found at the bottom of your weekly wholesaler paperwork.

How can I be certain I received all of my credit?
When you receive your checks in the mail or credit through your wholesaler, simply write the totals in the blank spaces provided on the customer agreement form you received at the completion of your service. If you have any questions, our credit tracking department is available to you at 888-541-5252.

Don’t be fooled by return companies that promise “quick payback” services. Often times these programs involve a “middle man” that takes a cut form your credit. At Total Returns we believe your credit should be just that — yours.

Why does it take so long to receive certain credits?
Regardless of which return provider you use, your credits ultimately come from the manufacturer. Some manufacturers take longer to pay than others. Our competitors will try to convince you that they can get to your money quicker. This is simply not true.

Why do the amounts I receive in credit differ from what Total Returns estimated?
A pharmaceutical return is not an exact science. When you factor in various return policies, wholesalers, and the fact that everybody pays a slightly different price for the same drugs, it is difficult to come up with an exact amount. This is where experience helps and why we provide our customers with a 100% guarantee.

What happens if the total amount of credit I receive is LESS than the amount Total Returns estimated for my return?
Total Returns will reimburse your money based on our 100% money back guarantee.

What happens if the total amount of credit I receive is more than the amount Total Returns estimated for my return?
This happens a lot. You keep 100% of any money you receive over your credit estimate. It is a bonus for you; please accept it with our thanks. And don’t forget, any overage reduces the actual rate that you paid to Total Returns.

Does Total Returns directly receive our credit information from the manufacturer?
Many manufactures will cooperate with third party return companies when researching credits.

How many return authorization forms can I expect to deal with?
None. Total Returns ships all products that require pre-authorization to our secure facility for processing.

What do I do with the copies of a DEA 222 form I have received?
You keep the brown copy for your records, and mail the green copy to your regional DEA office.Click here for the address of your local DEA office.

How long is a 222 form good for?
A 222 form is good for 60 days. If you have not shipped your mail-in package within 60 days of the form being issued, you will need to write “Void — please re-issue” on the form and mail it back to the address on the form.

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