Our mission
Total RX Services’ mission is to assist pharmacies in managing pharmaceutical product by offering honest, efficient and simple solutions for returning, destroying, and maintaining inventory. We make every effort to maximize the amount of return dollars for our customers, provide environmentally friendly ways to dispose of product, and provide inventory solutions to assist pharmacists with accurate record keeping and auditing.

We will never compromise our service and will always offer the most competent and complete service in the industry. We do this with a professional, personable, and highly skilled staff who are readily available to assist our customers.

Our facilities
Located in Marietta, Oklahoma, our building:

  • is set up to accommodate efficient distribution of creditable merchandise so that it may be quickly returned to manufacturers for credit to the pharmacies;
  • is equipped to receive both controlled and non-controlled merchandise from mail-in customers and in-store representatives;
  • has a sophisticated drug quarantine area that is secured by cameras, motion sensors, and digital door locks;
  • stores all non-returnable products separate from creditable merchandise so it can be quickly processed in an environmentally friendly manner; and
  • houses administrative, customer service, and credit departments who are all readily available to assist our customers.

Our shipping and receiving areas employ a first-in first-out philosophy allowing for the smooth flow of inbound and outbound packages. This enables quick processing times for packages, creating a more efficient flow of merchandise to the manufacturers.

Our secure vaults meet all Drug Enforcement Agency specifications and are protected with numerous security measures including: digital door locks, security codes, cameras and motion sensors. Our schedule II vault is individually monitored and alarmed and is constructed of 12-inch concrete reinforced with steel rebar. All merchandise is stored in its respective secure area until returned for credit or properly disposed of.

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